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                    home, dear One,to MunayPlace, the place of your heart



Are you looking for health & well-being? Balance? Happiness?

I invite you on an inward healing journey,
creating heart alignment and a life ful
l of vitality and vibrance.

I am honored and delighted to assist you
in sharing the experience of MunayPlace, a heart-centered healing community.

I am so excited and honored to work with you on your path of healing, reclamation, and empowerment.

I See YOU! I see your deep desire to be the truest version of you and I celebrate you in that desire.  I celebrate your commitment to yourself as you value your time, money and life-force energy by investing in yourself and creating deep alignment within your life. The things we invest in are given creative momentum and what a gift you are giving yourself and the world!


The world needs YOU in your brilliance, in your wholeness, in your unique expression of life. You are a gift in all the ways; the places where you excel AND the places where you struggle. The parts of you that you love and the parts of you that you hide. ALL of you is a gift, and our work together will help you remember that place of union within so that you can come into your fullest expression of you and the freedom to create and thrive in life. 


This is a path of healing and is realized through claiming, accepting and expressing all parts of who you are in your shadow and your light. We are most powerful when we accept, claim, and come into union with ALL parts of self. The work of reclamation comes from claiming and embodying your innate power within your light and the willingness to work in your unseen, shadowy parts to remember and embody your power and gifts, even there. This is accomplished by practicing unconditional love, compassion, truth telling and deep acceptance of what is. For it is there, in wholeness, that we heal and really learn how to thrive. 


I am here to be a guide to help you go within and reclaim your wholeness while you deeply connect in your power and express your most unique and truest aligned self so that you can shine in the world.

Thank you. I see you. I love you.

munay |moon-eye| noun

a state of love and being which is unconditional, eternal, a love without thinking or reasoning. the totality of pure love. 


Let go of identifications, or ways of being that no longer serve you.



Bring the unconscious to awareness to experience deeper heart connections.



Become available to fully claim and express an authentic and fulfilling life.



Create the life of your dreams through living in alignment (Ayni).


We offer an integrative, holistic approach to healing through: Shamanic energy work, somatic release, chakra cleansing & balancing, soul retrieval, shadow work, chord cutting, entity extraction, intuitive body work, cranio-sacral therapy, and community classes to facilitate deeper alignment/Ayni, which results in; vibrant health, more conscious living and authentic Self expression. Healing sessions are held in office, or can be facilitated remotely via zoom, phone call or FaceTime. 

Shaneen S,

"This was my first shamanic healing session, and it was amazing!  Val is so knowledgeable, open, and kind. She helped me connect with some feelings and emotions that I've had buried for a very long time.  I felt relaxed and at ease the entire session.  She is a beautiful person inside and out and truly has a gift of healing.  I highly recommend her!"


Fabian A, Utah

Val has been working on me for almost 10 years now.  She has grown so much as a therapist.  She's always wanting to learn new things.  I went in for a massage two weeks ago because my back was hurting so bad. She felt immediately that it was all energetic. We ended up doing a Shamanic session.  A quarter way thru it my back didn't hurt at all.  Her energy is 2nd to none.  I love her intuition . I highly recommend Val.  I'm so grateful for her.  She's absolutely amazing.

Gina P, Utah

"Working with Valerie taught me so much about how I show up in my relationships and being more aware of how my body feels in certain situations. Valerie’s expertise and knowledge are beyond measure. I feel incredibly grateful for her guidance." 


Jessica S,

I have had the opportunity to receive much magic from Val! Her deep attention and guidance through the medicine wheel has been a balm and gift to me. What I love the most is that she is able to focus in and help me connect to pieces of myself that need attention.  Sometimes it is  to zoom out and take a new view or sometimes to direct some love and energy to something that needs attention.  And, at other times it is a blissful release.  Valerie is a gifted and nurturing healer.  I always leave the session feeling a little more loved and understood by myself.  


Mitch H, Utah

I had the opportunity to do a shamanic session with Valerie and it was truly life changing. I was so pleased with her ability to go deep inside myself and uncover false belief systems, destructive patterns, and negative trapped emotions, and then release them. At times my whole body felt like it was vibrating and filled with radiant light. My favorite part was when she worked on my chakras. I felt an immense amount of negative energy being released from each chakra she worked on. She was able to help my chakras spin properly and bring them back into balance. I walked away renewed and feeling like something significant had shifted inside of me. I was amazed with the results and would recommend this type of session to anyone who has an open mind and is ready for deep healing.

Tami L, Utah

Valerie is a treasure! She truly has a gift for healing and guiding. I’m so grateful for her intuition and spirit and am thankful for the gifts she has given me, that have come from her sessions. The words and images she suggested were personal and just what I needed to help me move through past hurts, and faulty "agreements”. 

One example: even after working for years on letting go of shame, faulty core beliefs and improving my emotional health, I was still triggered with some underlying resentment towards my mother. In one session, I was able to move through that with Valerie’s help. And afterwards, as I interacted with my mom, things felt different for me, so incredible! It truly was life changing. I feel more connected and loving towards my mom. For me, it seems, I needed a guide, not just “book learning” and practice, so that I could truly move forward. What an incredible blessing it’s been for me to know Valerie! 

Buddhist Singing Bowl

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