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Shamanic Healing is a holistic and intregrative approach that recognizes that we are multi-dimensional Beings; physical, mental/emotional, spiritual, and energetic.  This process works on a foundation that our bodies have an innate wisdom to heal itself through the process of finding Ayni, or alignment, in all aspects of our life. When we are out of alignment with our highest expression of self, whether it be dysfunctional patterns, social and family conditioning, unconscious beliefs and programs, or inherited trauma or coping skills, we fall into a state of dis-ease. This state of dis-ease prevents us from living our truest authentic lives and keeps us in a place of survival instead of thriving. By identifying and releasing that which no longer serves us, claiming the gifts that have come through our experiences, we are then free to enjoy the sweetness and magic that life has to offer and authentically express ourselves through creating a life where we thrive.

Healing Therapy

Shamanic Massage is a tool to integrate healing through energetic clearing as well as therapeutic touch. Clearing the density (energy) that is being held in the body allows for an easier release in the muscle tissue. Through a process of clearing the surface level energetic density held in the chakras, the body is able to release the tension with ease and deep relaxation. This can result in deeper alignment in soul, mind, body connection for a sense of harmony and balance. 

This is an excellent modality for those that are looking to heal the "chronic" physical problem areas as well as acute pain and deepen their awareness in their mind/body connection. 


CranioSacral Therapy is a modality that recalibrates the nervous system through a light touch palpation to bring balance and healing to the body. Based on the understanding that as a holistic unit with structure and function being interrelated, the body is believed to be Self-Correcting and has an inner wisdom as to how to come into balance and harmony. 


CranioSacral Therapy works to release restrictions in the tissues, fluids, and energy systems of the body to address different imbalances in the body. The patient will generally experience a deep sense of well-being and relaxation as the practioner connects with the patient's Inner Physician to help facilitate healing. 


CranioSacral Therapy can be an ongoing treatment for overall health, or utilized as a treatment for specific problems or injuries. The effectiveness of this modality is being recognized by health care practioners from MD's, Physical Therapists, Lactation Experts, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, to Energy Workers.

Energy Healing
Shamanic Healing Session
90 min    $150

In an one on one session, we discover what is at the root of what ails you, by facilitating the release of density or hucha that is disrupting the vital life force energy and creating dis-ease. This process works at the level of energetics and offers deep transformation through finding greater alignment or Ayni within all levels of your being. 

Shamanic Chakra Cleanse and Illumination

60 min    $100

A relaxing and feel good treatment to give your chakras a little house cleaning by removing any density or debris in your energetic field. This treatment is an energetic reset and will bring a sense of lightness and ease. This is a good introduction to Shamanic healing work if you're curious and would like to dip your toe into energy work.

Appointments are offered in person or remotely over the phone or by Zoom.

Shamanic Fusion Massage 
90 min    $150

An intuitive approach to massage by integrating the energetic approach of Shamanic work within the framework of massage to aid the body to release tension and to create greater energetic alignment. 

CranioSacral Therapy
60 min    $100

A gentle, light-touch therapy that recalibrates the nervous system through tissue, fluid and energetic releases to bring balance to the body and facilitate healing. Can be added to any massage session or booked separately.

CranioSacral Therapy
90 min    $150

A gentle, light-touch therapy that recalibrates the nervous system through tissue, fluid and energetic releases to bring balance to the body and facilitate healing. Can be added to any massage session or booked separately. 

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