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What is MunayPlace?

In life, one can forget or disconnect from one's true essence through hard life experiences, cultural and family belief systems, as well as trauma. Here at MunayPlace, we offer shamanic energy work to connect you with your true essence, the frequency of deep, unconditional love and alignment to your highest essential self.

Our four movements, release, relate, reclaim, and renew, support the process of coming back to our essential self-expression and inner alignment. As we change within, our whole world will reflect that change.

Touching the Surface



The process of letting go of old patterns, beliefs or ways of Being that no longer serve us or are reflective of who we are. 

Through life we grow and evolve and in that process we may find that we’ve outgrown the way we have identified or expressed ourselves in the past. Our old way of being starts to feel limiting of who we are now. We can learn to shed our old “skins” and emerge in a new expression or evolution of who we are, to find alignment or “Ayni” with our true essence. 

This process is supported by the Archetypal energy of Serpent, or Sachamama, who sheds her skin in one easy motion in support of her growth and evolution. 




The process of bringing the unconscious or “Shadow” to conscious awareness to experience deeper heart connections within ourselves and with others. 

How we are in relationship to the other, whether it be ourselves, other people, food, the environment etc, is affected by the hidden or shadow aspects of ourselves that are unconsciously creating the dynamic of our relationships. As we bring the unconscious to the conscious we are able to claim the gifts that have been cultivated through the shadow and release the hucha or density. This process allows greater Ayni to be present within ourselves and the other so that we may experience our own Luminous Warrior with nothing to prove or defend.  This state helps us to become more available to claim the hidden gifts and resources that have been cultivated through relationships which will support a deeper authentic expression of Self. 

This process is supported by the Archetypal energy of Jaguar, Ottorongo, or the Great Tracker to see that which is hidden within ourselves.



The process of becoming available to fully claim and express an authentic and fulfilling life.

As greater alignment or Ayni is present within our hearts and bodies, we are able to come into more alignment with our Soul’s Expression, or Soul’s journey. We are able to experience the magic that life has to offer through synchronicity and Divine Timing as we begin to reremember our innate Divinity and Authenticity. Living our highest truth becomes more effortless and all of life begins to show up to support us in that expression. 

This process is supported by the Archetypal energy of Hummingbird, or Sirikenti, to find the sweetness in life as we take that epic migratory journey dictated by an inner knowing. 



The process of co-creating the life of our dreams with ease and flow through deep connection with Spirit. 

As we learn to trust in life and come deeper into Ayni within ourselves, we are able to Transcend our old patterns, identifications, and shadows and become the new visionary for our own life. We learn how to actively co-create our lives from the highest aspect of who we are and “walk our own walk, while living within our hearts.”


This process is supported by the Archetypal energy of Eagle/Condor, Apuchine, to dream a new life into form and be open to greater possibilities for creation.

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